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AlpyX office and workshop building
AlpyX cleanroom environment
Johansson x ray crystal optics

X ray crystals

Crystals for x ray spectrometry

Crystals for x ray diffraction

Crystals for WDXRF

Crystals for XRD

Bragg Crystals

Focusing Crystals

Monochromating crystals

Crystal Analyzer

Curved crystals


X ray Optics

X ray Optics for spectrometry

X ray Optics for diffraction

Crytal optics for WDXRF

Crystal optics for XRD

Bragg Optics

Focusing optics

Monochromating optics

Curved Optics

Johansson optics


X ray Monochromator

Channel cut



1D curvature

2D curvature

Meridional curvature

Sagittal curvature

Toroidal optic

Spherical optic

Rowland circle

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