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About us

AlpyX has developped innovating processes applied to Bragg’s crystals in order to optimize the performances of X Ray Optics.

Our X Ray Optics offer unmatched performances.


We are proposing:


  • Modeling, optimisation of the design of your optics

  • Manufacturing standard or customized optics

Our objectives

To offer our customers the possibility to differentiate on the X-Ray Analysis Market through innovative solutions:


  • Enhancing performances while accessing new geometries


  • Proposing new concepts of optics allowing new design of the instruments


  • While focusing on consistency of our deliveries

Founding Executives


14 years experience as R&D and manufacturing manager on X-Ray crystals technologies for science and industrial instruments bringing an innovative approach on processes.


35 years direct experience in keys functions : R&D, Quality management, Product and Market management, transversal Team Management, focusing on single crystals technologies, applications and markets.

Our partners

AlpyX is recognized as an innovative company.

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