The X-Ray crystal optic is one of the key component for X-Ray analysis systems:


  • X-Ray spectrometry: WDXRF or EDXRF
  • X-Ray diffractometry: powder or crystals



The X-Ray crystal optic basically achieves 2 functions:


  • To shape the X-Ray beam before its interaction with the sample, or before the X-Ray detector
  • To perfectly monochromatize the beam such as to provide the highest level of information to the detector



Many parameters are stringent in the specification of the X-Ray optic:


  • The perfect shaping of the 2d spacing of the crystal such as to preserve the Bragg's angle according to the geometry of the optic
  • Its reflectivity: light level and homogeneity
  • Its wavelength or energy resolution that is the ability to distinguish the X-Ray peaks

Here is an example of a resolution peak on a large (80mm x 25mm) Si (111) produced by AlpyX:


Johann Johansson

Johann and Johansson optics can theoritically produce a focusing on the meridional direction of the X-Ray beam.

Johann configuration can also be used in the Von Hamos configuration, perpendicular to the Rowland circle plane to produce a focused point spectrum.

The choice between the two possibilities is strongly depending on the value of the radius of the Rowland circle and the length of the optic.


Only Johansson can rigorously produce the focusing performance.


Johansson optics are requiering a high precision process that AlpyX can propose.


Miscut orientations are also avalaible.


Channel cut





AlpyX has the know-how to cut and produce various geometry and dimensions of channel-cut optics including Bartels.


We are achieving high performance orientation and finishing of the active surfaces.






Zero Background diffraction Plates




AlpyX produce high quality zero background diffraction plates for XRD.

Dimensions and orientations on request.







Flat Plates




AlpyX can supply a choice of (h,k,l) cuts of Ge, Si and Quartz mounted or unmounted including a proprietary finishing for optimized performances.





2D curved crystal optics


2D optics




Spherically, toroidally and ellipsoidally 2D curved crystal optics are used for complete focusing of the beam: along both meridional and sagittal directions.


These shape of curvatures cannot developp on a plane and thus are inducing a lot of stresses in the crystal, deforming the lattice.


AlpyX is working developping new processes in order to keep as much as possible the integrity of the lattice.  








After evaluation of your damaged optic, AlpyX can propose to rework or repair it.




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AlpyX - Flat germanium crystal 1

Flat germanium crystal